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Thursday January 8 2004
Hans Cottage Botel

First impressions
Located in between Elmina and the national park is Hans Cottage Botel. It’s kind of a nifty little place. For 7 dollars I got a room with a fan, but the place had tennis courts, a pool, an internet cafe, and a restaurant on stilts over a pond.

Night shot of the Hans Cottage Botel Restaurant on the water.

This all seemed great, until I realized that the tennis court had no net, the pool was half drained an looked like it hadn't been cleaned in a month, and the internet cafe didn't work, and the entertainment guy playing keyboard in the restaurant played the same thing over and over again to a really cheesy electronic drum rhythm.

Well, who's complaining, it was still pretty darned nice for 7 smackers. The coolest thing about it was that the pond had four crocodiles in it. One of the maintenance guys gave me a fish, so I went running around the pond for ten minutes with a smelly fish in my hand hunting for a crocodile to feed. I found one, threw it at his head, and the little fish’s life was soon terminated.

The Weaver Bird
Right beside the restaurant (which fortunately served good enough food) was a large tree. This particular type of tree plays host the "weaver bird". A male weaver bird will build a nest that hangs from this tree, using it to attract a female. The female will come; examine the nest to determine if it is acceptable. If it's not up to her standards, she'll knock the nest out of the tree, and go off to find some better good.

I will try to refrain from making a general connection to the habits of all females ;)

Many Weaver birds will build their nests in these trees, as well as use the old ones over again. Then, at night all of the weaver birds come to sleep in the tree. Eventually all of the branches are bending right over with the weight of the birds and the nests, and the branch will snap right off.

Beaver birds giving the crocodile a back waxing...

I think it's time to find a new tree guys.

In the evening, the crocodile sleeping underneath the weaver bird tree didn't seem to mind being repeatedly pooped on.

Ask yourself, what is the definition of a buffet?
The next morning I took a look at the breakfast menu, but I only had the choice of the breakfast "buffet". I was rather excited about this. When the buffet came out it had tea, orange juice, bread, and vegetable omelettes. Well, not much variety but at least it was a buffet so I could have as much as I want. Much to my dismay when I went back for a second Omelette, the lady told me I was only allowed one and that I would have to pay extra. Some buffet, essentially they just selected my breakfast menu for me and called it a buffet.

But it was $2.50, so who's really complaining.

All and all, I would tip my hat on the positive side to Hans cottage Botel as an interesting unique hotel going experience.

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