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Hotel Agbeviade
Amedzi (Patron)
Christine (Patroness)
Kossi (Bellhop/waiter)
Mossi (Bellhop/waiter)
Yao (Cook)
Rose (Housekeeper)
Sika (Housekeeper)
Vivre Mieux
Guy Ahialegbedji
Dotsè Agbobli
Joe Louey

Issa (Djembe Guy)




The people I meet here are a significant part of my life here in Africa. Here you can find short biographys of the people I know and meet.

Friday November 14 2003
Hotel Agbeviade
Hotel Agbeviade is where I live, with Amedjie and Christine as my host African parents. The entire staff that works there is kind of like a family, and I've got stories about pretty much every one of them. Here are the people of Hotel Agbeviade.

On to the people of Hotel Agbeviade...

People - Vivre Mieux
Vivre Mieux is the NGO (Non Government Organization) with which I work here in Kpalimé Togo. I interact with the people here on a regular basis, and so of course they are an important part of my experience here.

On to the people of Vivre-Mieux...

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